Fans are the one of the most sought after elements of every sports team.  They buy tickets and fill stadiums.  They cheer victories and mourn defeats.  They so closely associate themselves with their teams that joy and heartache can be found in every snap, every pitch, and every shot.

Fans create culture.  From specific cheers to tailgating traditions, fans are able to make the game time experience more than what takes place on the field. 

Fans create community.  Complete strangers will instantly connect simply by the colors they wear.  Clear lines are drawn between friends and foe.

The catch?  Teams cannot create fans.  They can market.  They can win.  But they cannot create the emotional bond that takes place in the hearts of fans.  It’s that bond that keeps people coming back even in the longest of droughts.  That’s what makes true fans so valuable.

Can you identify the fans in your ministry, church, or organization?  What can you do to reflect their value?


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