The Mask of Busy

maskToo often I have remained hidden behind the mask of busy.  Always giving the impression that there is something more urgent or someone more important.  Subtly telling those I interact with that my life functions at a pace they would be hard pressed to maintain or that my mind is a whirling machine which I can hardly slow to engage in idle conversation. 

 This informs those that I am with that they have little to no value in my life.

 Doesn’t quite seem to be how Jesus operated…

What are the masks that are keeping you from expressing value to those around you?


4 Responses

  1. Wow. That resonates – and loudly. In the midst of a very busy “season” of retreats and missions conferences and meetings and speaking engagements, life does seem like a whirlwind at times. And yet, even though our high school winter retreat this weekend was incredible and we saw God do some incredible things, I feel somewhat diappointed that I didn’t spend more time hanging with and talking with my students. What a great reminder. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for comment! Good to know I am not the only one feeling challenged… Ha!

  3. I use this same facade, but I only recently realized it. I think I even had myself fooled into believing that I’m much busier than I really am. I feel overwhelmed by all the things I’m involved in, but then I see other people who are making more progress in more and greater things. We all get the same number of hours in a day. Recently, when a friend inquired as to what things keep me so “busy”, I had a hard time recounting where all my time went. A LOT of time is spent on the internet. I look up one thing, then get distracted by the oodles and gobs of endless information. I learn a lot of “useless” stuff, but it’s all so interesting. Much more interesting than small talk with people I hardly know and have little interest in getting to know. You’re right: not very Christ-like. Hmph.

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