Thoughts from Pastor Mike…

  • “We have to stop judging people in the gray areas between ‘clearly sin’ and ‘clearly not sin’.”
  • “The work of God begins internally and works out externally.”
  • “You can’t kill a tree by cutting off it’s leaves.”
  • “We must trust the Holy Spirit to walk us through the gray areas and that He is walking others through also.”
  • “There is a reason that big men can’t wear speedos.”
  • “There is something about the new birth, the fear of the Lord, and genuine Christianity that makes us reach for the best.”
  • “Just like I can’t cut commandments from the Bible, I can’t add them in.”
  • “‘All things in moderation’ is not found within the Bible.  You can’t fornicate or murder in moderation.”

One Response

  1. Yeah! That was great! I noticed you sprinkled the Speedo Comment in there!

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