Free Chicken or Sleep?

Chick-fil-AThis week, one of my favorite fast food places is opening down the road from my house.  They do one thing and one thing only.  It just happens to be the best chicken sandwich anywhere.  From the perfect coating to the simplicity of the mere two pickles as condiments, Chick-fil-A rocks!  (And don’t take my word for it!  Others agree!)

Now my dilemma…  The first 100 customers on Thursday will receive a free meal per week for a year.  My bride is coaxing me to stay in line throughout the night on the promise of a free $5 meal.  Despite the fact that I do work a real full time job ( I do!  I really, really do!), I am considering.

I’d love to hear your thoughts… Should I?  Also, if I do, I am pledging to blog throughout the night so you can follow my descent into chicken induced haze. 

Let me know what you think.

 UPDATE:  March 5 – The lines began forming early this morning.  I was shocked to see so the tent village already up while I was dropping the kids off at school…


One Response

  1. AWW …Come on Honey! Free Chick-Fil-A for a whole year! I’ll support you…I’ll call you every once and a while lol 🙂 who’s kidding I’ll be fast asleep. Well, I say go for it!
    I love you Babe!

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