My Podroll

Below are the podcasts I am currently into…

  • Catalyst Podcast – A great resource with thoughts from some of the fresh voices within the church.
  • THE CHURCH Group Worldwide – Yeah, well, duh….
  • Cook’s Illustrated – I love to watch and aspire to one day make meals like these.  Quick video podcast showcasing recipes and techniques.
  • ESPN: Pardon The Interruption – My daily recap of the events in the sports world with an acerbic twist.
  • The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack – The unofficial voice of the LOST fan community.  Started listening because it was nice to know I wasn’t the only crazy fan out there.  Years later, they have become welcome friends.
  • The Official LOST Podcast – Damon and Carlton are the “official” voice of the show.  From banjo playing to not wearing pants, you never know quite what to expect with Darlton.
  • Newspring Church – First heard Perry Noble on the Catalyst podcast.  I knew the first time I heard him threaten to “punch someone in the throat” that I would enjoy listening.  Always thoughtful.  Always sincere.  Never boring.
  • NPR: Wait, wait… Don’t Tell Me – My weekly recap of current events with a comic twist. 
  • Ask a Ninja – Just because…

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