The Law of Unintended Consequences (pt. 2 of 2)

 In a previous post, we discussed how actions taken within our organizations can impact us in unexpected or unintended ways.  The primary thought was focused on recovering from negative blowback.  In today’s post, I would like to think about the other side.  Those beautiful moments of happy accidents that you never expect that produce results in ways and areas that you never explored.  Call it fate.  Call it serendipity.  Call it the “hand of God”.  Whatever you attribute it to, these moments can prove pivotal in the success of your business, organization, or ministry.
Very often it is these moments that provide fuel for innovation.  They open up doors of ideas that were previously closed.  They can hint to another path of accomplishment.  

Serendipity also has the amazing ability to appear in the shadows of perceived failure.   The trick is for us to look past the unfulfilled primary goal and see the wonder of possibility through the disappointment.  


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