Honor your father…

Really appreciated this post by Shawn Wood of Seacoast Church.

What really struck me was the sense of respect he has for the impact that Ed Young (and Pace Hartfield) and all of Fellowship Church had on him.  

Everyone (yes, EVERYONE!) is a product of someone else’s ministry.  Too often, we are prone to thinking we have gone beyond those who provided us our foundation.  However, the Biblical mandate to “honor your father and mother” includes those who are spiritual “fathers” as well as natural.

Shawn’s story is also a great reminder that the external, preconceived impressions of many ministries are often contrary to the internal, personal impact the ministry has.  It is incredibly easy to look at a ministry from the outside and develop opinions about them based on soundbites and misunderstandings.  But we must realize that while these ministries may not be our “cup of tea”, there are countless people that have had their lives impacted for Christ.  

In our blog driven world, where potshots are easy and accountability is low, it is important that we understand that no ministry is in reality as they are caricatured.  They are not as “unbiblical”, “shallow”, “irrelevant”, or “money hungry” as some would lead us to believe.

Thanks, Shawn, for sharing your story…


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  1. John,

    Thanks for the kind words and the blog love!


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