A Day in the Life

Tweet, tweet…

  • 07:25 I think I have a little bit of a LOST hangover… #
  • 08:51 marveling at how small the world has become… #
  • 09:14 non-blog-pimpin’ great post on innovative use of Silverlight and DeepZoom – is.gd/obO #
  • 09:54 thinking and writing a lot this week about art within the church – twurl.nl/sb65ei – Would love your thoughts… #
  • 13:41 thinking and writing… and writing and rethinking… and thinking and rewriting… #
  • 16:52 planning on a night of tacos and video games with the family….. #

Facebook? Twitter? Why?


Over the last several months, I have slowly entered the world of online community. First with Facebook, then blogging, and now Twitter

The big question/objection I’ve received from others when it comes up is either:

  1. “Don’t you have anything better to do?”
  2. “I don’t have time for that…”

My reasons are simple.

In an increasingly technology driven world, I believe it is irresponsible not to take advantage of opportunities to engage and interact with others.

You find the time for the things of value.  

And, for me, the commitment is not so much to the technology.  I am not married to any particular way of doing things.  My commitment is to remaining relevant within the culture I am serving.  

Aspiration of Art within the Church

Continuing thoughts on artistic expression within the church…

Every culture has a form, style, or place of prominence that its members aspire to. They are the standards by which everything is measured.  And much of what we do, whether intentional or not, is informed by these external forces.

And the church is no different.

In most churches on a Sunday morning, the place of prominence is the pulpit.  Most of the time is centered on pulpit activity; either Bible reading, teaching, praying, singing.  Church culture informs us that the pulpit is the penultimate place of public focus.  And that to occupy that space, you should mirror it in approach and style. This attention has the unfortunate consequence of suggesting that the “highest” form of expression within the church takes on specifically liturgical or “pulpit-y” tone.

I believe this is why so much of the artistic expression (yes, even blogs…) tends toward being overly preachy or sermonic.  

However, if art can be freed from the context of a Sunday morning service, and can truly be a reflection of the life lived by the artist, it will find its own expression and its own form.  

Instead of pawing after a place of acceptance and public adulation at the cost of originality and honesty, we can begin to release the story of our walk with God in a personal way that can deeply impact others.

What does your art aspire to?  Why?

Innovative Use of Silverlight and DeepZoom

Thanks to John for the following link…

Check out this great functionality by combining Silverlight and DeepZoom.

There are some tremendous opportunities for expanding the online experience.  Any ideas?

A Day in the Life

Tweet, tweet…

  • 08:56 morning soundtrack – HIllsong – Mighty to Save #
  • 09:32 Putting some thoughts together on the creative/artistic experience within the church… Will be blogging soon… #
  • 10:51 8 hours until the LOST season 4 finale… #
  • 11:48 two days later and I still have Afroman’s "Because I Got High" stuck in my head… Walking around the church singing it…D’oh! #
  • 13:58 in a planning meeting for the Men’s Half-Nighter… It’s gonna be swingin’!! #
  • 15:41 4.5 hours until LOST season 4 finale… I am geek’d. Gonna tweet reaction throughout or at least for comm’ls. Any other Losties out there? #
  • 19:08 Hunkering down for LOST… #
  • 19:34 Hurley’s mom – "Jesus Christ is not a weapon." #

Cure for LOST addiction?

In honor of tonight’s season 4 finale of LOST, I offer hope… to all those who have to listen to the rest of us ramble on and on…


A Day in the Life

Tweet, tweet…

  • 06:45 okay…just realized my facebook status is not updating sync’d with Twitter because IM is down… Other than TwitterSync, what do you use? #
  • 07:03 planning a mini-celebration for myself – my blog crossed the 100 monthly view mark for the first time… Mini-Yay! #
  • 08:52 If you send a question into the twitter-sphere and don’t get any response, does it make a sound? #
  • 10:26 Is it too early to be thinking about the LOST season finale tomorrow night? #