What’s the score?

What is the significance of the score?  What is significant about the fact that we do keep score?

The score is all about identity.  It’s all about trying to point to something in you, in your life, that defines not just who you are, but also where you are.  Score is what lets us know who we are better than and who is better than us.  Score gives us the permission to dissociate from some and fuels the fire to be like others.

It points to our supposed accomplishment and yet reminds us of ever-present shortcomings.  

Score is unrelenting.  It never stops.  It takes hold of us as mere children and grows with us.  

It is always in the background whispering to us.  We continually pursue it in hopes of finding joy and peace and for fear that those behind us might one day overtake us.

What’s your score?


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