Seth Godin is an Idiot…

Or How Going Negative is Entirely Too Easy!

In the ever elusive search for readers, it’s not unexpected that many will take the easy road and skew negative.  The target is almost irrelevant.  Like sharks to blood, people love the opportunity to pile on.

Plus, the alternative is too difficult.  Why should I attempt to provide useful content when I can draw as big, if not bigger, audiences merely by telling you why someone else isn’t as honest, or well-intentioned, or orthodox, or as honorable as you and me?  

And if I can’t get you to rally behind me, I can hope to at least get you outraged.  Perhaps I can get you so riled that you’ll have to tell all your friends.  Regardless, I have at least succeeded in getting attention.

For the record, I do not believe Seth Godin is an idiot.  In fact, I believe quite the opposite.  But I had to do something to get your attention, right?


One Response

  1. So what do I do with my pitchforks and torches now? Dangit…

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