The day my relationships nearly died…

On Friday, much like the many others, my main line of connection with others completely died.  Twitter went down. And went down hard.  

The question has become so ubiquitous that there is even a website, www.istwitterdown. com, that serves the purpose of keeping us up on Twitter’s status.  Ironical?

But the realization is… there are so many people I engage and follow online… so many people who’ve had just the right word of encouragement… or relatable funny story… or reason to share a tear… or great insight.  All online.  

I haven’t met a single one face to face.  Only talked with a few over the phone.  

On Friday, as Twitter lay in ruins, I realized the power of the web to spark relationships as well as it’s awful power to kill them.  

Time to go hug my wife…lol


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