A Day in the Life

Tweet, tweet…

  • 08:03 Feeling the after effects of Memorial Day… #
  • 12:31 Meeting to go over July event promotion… Who says things slow down in the summer? #
  • 14:37 listening to Explosions in the Sky and thinking about relationship development… How can I be big for God in the lives of others? #
  • 15:54 My new communication mantra… If it can’t be said in one tweet, it’s either too much or not simple enough… #
  • 17:08 New blog post – The church as social object – tinyurl.com/62vzeh #
  • 18:33 Pasghetti Dinner tonight… Kids always get excited for the pasghetti… #
  • 19:51 Have a suspicion that I may just have gotten a peak behind the veil… #

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