Confidence in awkwardness…

Talking with a filmmaker friend recently about artistic expression within the church…

It seems that finding genuinely creative thoughts, concepts, stories, and images is difficult within the church world.  Every movie is either about what Jesus did or will do.  Cross and Rapture.  That’s it.  

I think the struggle stems from the feeling that we have to present answers to the world.  

As ministers, I think we must strive to be clear and understood.  But is that the same goal for art?

I believe art is less about providing answers than it is about asking the right questions.  

Art is subjective.  It’s about creating an emotional response within the audience.  Art doesn’t lend itself to “holding the audience by the hand” explanations.  

If I have to spell out the meaning for you, I am condescending to you and robbing you of the discovery of meaning within your own life.  I am providing you with the meaning I want you to have and not the internal, resonant impression that you create within yourself.

But trusting you to understand means willingly creating blanks or gaps.  I intentionally create holes that I refuse to fill.  Holes that you must fill with your own experience or thought or spirituality.  

It’s in the gaps that God dwells.  What if, instead of me telling you, I created a place of awkwardness and pondering?  What if, instead of answering questions you are not asking, I mirror the deep questions of your heart?  

What if I could be confident in awkwardness?  Confident enough in the love of God to meet you in a place of uncertainty.


One Response

  1. good blog. One of the many troubles in presenting answers is that man becomes dependent upon man and not upon the Source of His life. People don’t love themselves enough to be who god created them to be….we’re always trying to ‘meet’ someone else’s criteria/expectations. perhaps laziness and lack of accountability keep us running to man. alas….
    something must stir mankind to think of their place in this world….. ‘why am i doing what i am doing’
    yes, mirroring the deep questions that surely are in the depths of people’s hearts….. (although i have known people that live on the surface and don’t apparently seem to want the deep)……. and YES confident enough in the love of god to allow god to be god in others…. art, a powerful form of communication

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