The 4 Track Mind of a Worship Leader – The Congregation

Continuing from these thoughts (in no particular order)…

Track #1 – The Congregation

  • A worship leader must know how to take the “temperature” of the congregation.  There are a number of times when the crowd we are leading is either not focused or in a proper frame of mind to jump right into worship.  Other times, they may be plenty primed or excited and are biting at the bit to sing in exuberance.  A skilled worship leader understands how to determine where the congregation is and meets them there.  The goal is to match their initial energy and guide them into the presence of God.  The temptation is to push forward full steam with the set you have without regarding the people you are leading.  We cannot effectively lead if those following do not keep up.
  • A worship leader must be aware of recent events that affect the body of the church.  This may seem incredibly basic, but we must remain sensitive to circumstances, both positive and negative, within the church.  These can range from milestones or victories to a death in the congregation.  You may be limited in how you can respond to these situations, but you can be prepared to deal with them.  And do not believe that these things do not have an effect within the church body.
  • A worship leader must not be overwhelmed by the emotion of the congregation.  When dealing with groups of people, it can be very easy for crowd dynamics to amplify emotions.  As a worship leader, we must always remain in control of our own.  We cannot allow the church to dictate to us how we will respond.  Crowds can run too hot and too cold.  Our goal is to find the right place in between.
  • A worship leader must understand the makeup of the congregation.  Within every Sunday morning crowd there are people who come ready and excited to praise God, those who are not even sure if He is real, and everyone else in between.  To effectively lead, we must be able to encourage the offering of worshipers and minister the presence of God to the broken.  We must realize that God desires to show Himself to those who are searching.  He desires to minister through His presence and at the same time be ministered to.
  • A worship leader must model the worship that God desires.   Very often, worship leaders will set the standard for worship within a service.  We must educate ourselves to the different biblical modes of worship and willingly demonstrate them.  Our openness in worship creates an environment where others are more comfortable to step out.  Any timidity in the worship leader can limit the expression of the congregation.  

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