The 4 Track Mind of a Worship Leader – The Technical

Continuing thoughts on how to effectively lead worship by developing the four distinct mental tracks…

Track #3 – The Technical

  • A worship leader must focus on maintaining proper technique.  Proper breathing technique and use of a microphone may not seem like something you need to focus on, but they will allow you to perform the best you can and do it again and again.  Early on, I spent too much time trying to recover my voice simply because I would neglect basic form and technique.  Invest in training programs or voice lessons if need be.  But learning and focusing on using proper vocal technique is vital.
  • A worship leader must be aware of monitors and equipment.  Nothing can undo an amazing worship environment more than the squeal of feedback.  Unless, of course, you add having a worship leader trip over something… (see here for examples…)  Sometimes the best way to lead in worship is keeping from creating distraction.
  • A worship leader must communicate effectively with the media/technology team.  I don’t know where it is written, but the worship team and media team don’t have to be at continual odds with each other.  We have to develop a system to communicate that allows us to inform the media/tech team of any issue that may arise and vice versa.  There have been times where circumstances have required that I stretch the worship portion of a service.  Having open lines of communication allowed us to continue on with the service without drawing undue attention.  The more you see yourself and the media/tech team as part of the same team, the easier you will find it to work throw any issues that might arise.  

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