The 4 Track Mind of a Worship Leader – The Holy Spirit

In previous posts, we have discussed the different tracks of awareness or thinking that a worship leader must maintain while in congregational worship.  An efffective leader will be able to continually monitor each one as they progress throughout the service.  Knowing where you are with the congregation, with the band, and with all of the technical aspects will allow you to freely flow along the fourth track of awareness – following the Holy Spirit.  Here are a few thoughts about remaining open to God:

  • A worship leader must prioritize their thoughts.  First a few disclaimers…  No, I do not believe that this is the least important track.  Of course, God should be the center and focus of our worship.  The Holy Spirit being the fourth track does not imply a lack of respect.  Simply, you are extremely limited in availability to what God may want to do if you have lost the congregation and are not in sync with the band or media team.  The tracks I have presented are done as a way of getting ourselves out of our own way so we can be completely open to where the Holy Spirit would like to go in a service.
  • A worship leader must filter their thoughts.  Sometimes leading worship can be like a live fire exercise in the military.  You are dealing with a specifically spiritual atmosphere and there are a number of things happening.  We must remain consistent in our ability to process and judge thoughts quickly and accurately.  Determine if the thought is there to distract or encourage.  Determine if it’s directed at you personally or for the edification of the congregation.  The question I always ask myself is “How little can I say and still be obedient and effective?”.  One of the greatest abilities you can develop when trying to remain aware of the Holy Spirit is learning to discern and suppress thoughts that will detract from the worship environment.
  • A worship leader should develop a plan and plan on God “interrupting”.  Being open to God’s leading in a worship service does not mean foregoing a plan.  An effective leader seeks to hear from God and develop a plan accordingly, but remains sensitive to what God may want to do.  Leading worship is different then presenting a concert.  A worship environment is dynamic and fluid.  A skilled worship leader will learn to thrive in it.

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