Just remake yourself… Lessons from The Incredible Hulk

One of the summer’s anticipated movies is The Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton. It is not unusual for a studio to offer a sequel comic book movie five years after the original. It is unusual for them to essentially revamp the entire story and act like the first movie never existed.

In 2003, there was another highly anticipated movie. Directed by Ang Lee who was coming off critical acclaim from Brokeback Mountain. Starring up and coming fresh face, Eric Bana. The Hulk opened to good numbers the first weekend. But by the following week, the ticket sales had fallen over 60% and the movie was generally panned by most die hard fans.

Here we are in 2008 with a new and improved version about to hit the theaters. More info here:

There are a couple of lessons we can glean from the relaunch…

  1. If you are unhappy with your previous results, as an individual or an organization, then you have to make a change.  Even if it means moving away from something you had invested in.  You have the choice of standing by what you are and remaining ineffective or remaking yourself in the hopes of better results.  
  2. The time to change is now.  Yes, you may have already turned off a few people based on who you were previously, but your best chance at impacting the people you have not yet interacted with is to change.  
  3. Believe in the product/content.  The studio remade the movie, even after flopping previously, because they believed there is an audience for the product and that the product is better than what was represented.  If you believe as a ministry or organization that you really have something that is of value, be willing to change how it is delivered and packaged if it is not effective.  You must believe that there are people God desires to impact through you.  And you must be willing to remake yourself in order to be effective.

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  1. Thanks a Lot For This.
    You can find nuggets of gold hidden everywhere with the right eyes John.

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