The Eye for Average

Average is not a word most of us would like used to describe us.  Certainly, we wouldn’t want to describe our church as “average”.

And yet, we will make plans or form thoughts based on an idea of the average person.

So many have limited themselves because they are unwilling to expect more than the average person.

The average person:

  • does not want a service beyond xx minutes long.
  • does not want to hear about money during a service and will not tithe regularly.
  • will not commit themselves to serve beyond their own comfort level.

With those limitations, you will always be fighting an uphill battle.

When you focus on meeting the needs of the “average” person, you begin to neglect the needs of the “above average”.

If we could shift our focus away from thinking of people as an average, but begin to become aware of the unique elements they were bringing to the body, we would be better prepared to put them into action.

There is no such thing as an average body part.  Because I am dependent on them to function fully, they are vital and special.  My arms. My legs.  Mine.

The challenge is understanding that my needs and accommodations will be different from yours.

Imagine if Ford decided to build all of the specifications of their vehicles based on the average body dimensions of every person in the country.  It would be ridiculous.  In their effort to better serve the average, they would be disenfranchising the vast majority.  They understand more people require accommodation than fit the average.

Anything built with an eye for the average misses the fact that I am unique and special.  

Prepare for the unique and special.  Forego the average.


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