Vatican takes stand against new Dan Brown movie…

The Vatican has denied access to Ron Howard and Tom Hanks for filming the new Dan Brown movie, Angels and Demons.

I wholeheartedly believe they have the right to prevent access if they should choose to, but I wish they would’ve handled it with a bit more discretion.

It’s one thing to quietly and simply deny the request. It’s another thing entirely to publicly denounce the author, book, and movie. Some of the quotes pulled from the article are inflammatory at best and vengeful at worst.

Archbishop Velasio De Paolis, the head of the Vatican’s Prefecture for Economic Affairs, said that Brown had “turned the gospels upside down to poison the faith”.

“It would be unacceptable to transform churches into film sets so that his blasphemous novels can be made into films in the name of business,” he said, adding that Brown’s work “wounds common religious feelings”.

Father Marco Fibbi, a spokesman for the Diocese of Rome, said: “Normally we read the script but this time it was not necessary. The name Dan Brown was enough.”

The challenge is that once you have issued statements like these it is awfully hard to put them into a context that doesn’t sound over the top. They have chosen to throw gas on the fire instead of merely snuffing it out.

Their own denial is now fueling sentiment against them.

Besides, the Da Vinci Code wasn’t even that good of a movie…


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  1. This blasphemous person, Brown, has offended every believer in this world with his theory. How mad can you be to say that God Himself it’s no different then a promiscuous person? He don’t have the smallest prove for his theory-blasphemy. The only thing he want is money. No difference between this guy and Judas. He has sell the God for money too. Shame on him and on all who publish him.

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