Essential Relationships for Worship Leaders – Intro

Leading worship is, above everything else, an exercise in relationship.  And as much as it is about the connections between God and man, it is as much about the people who are all lifting voices together.  To lead effectively is to navigate all of the different relational dynamics.  Regardless of your natural skill, each of these relationships has a way of coloring your corporate time of worship.

The Bible is very specific about how our interpersonal interactions affect our worship.   Ephesians 5:19 says we are to speak psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs one to another.  Matthew 5 tells us that if we are worshipping and we remember that a brother has an issue with us, we should stop and go make it right. 

It becomes apparent that God is not intending for us to focus on Him only, but that corporate worship should be about building the body of believers who are gathering.

Over the next few posts, I want to take a look at some of these essential relationships, including pitfalls to avoid and ways to strengthen. 

So, before you go into your next rehearsal or lead your next service, who do you need to go to and put things right?  Have fun!


One Response

  1. Well said Mr. John, it become mandatory for a spiritual leader to keep healthy relationships, though this thing applied to all but for a spiritual leader become non-avoidable thing.

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