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  • 07:55 phone calls, coffee, reading, writing, and hoping for the future… #
  • 10:26 dog is needy today… #
  • 10:48 Share your Facebook pet peeves here tinyurl.com/6pfs3d #
  • 17:45 my phone issues and lack of laptop have severely hampered my tweeting… Think of all the incredilby mundane things you are missing out on.. #

Facebook pet peeves…

Below are some of my completely random Facebook user pet peeves… 


  1. Application invitations sent only so the person who sent it can find out what weapon/color/food/American accent/etc. they are.  Thank you for doing the spammers job for them.  No, I am not interested.
  2. People who use titles in their screen name.  I can understand how on Myspace or Twitter or other places where unique names are required that a simply “Pastor” or “Rev” can help you stand out.  But not on Facebook.  Use the name your mama gave you and keep it simple.
  3. Facebook chat.  Just because I am online doesn’t mean I want to chat.  Please take my one word answers as a clue.  Especially if I you and I have never met face to face. 
  4. Receiving the same video of a dancing kid from 8 different people.  I appreciate your desire to share that with me.  Just as I did the first 7 times someone shared it. 

Seems like there is no halfway point with some of this stuff.  You either get a firehouse or you get nothing.

I look forward to the day when social web relationships can take on a truly more realistic reflection of my friendships.  Some people have greater access to me and my thoughts than others.  It would be great to see that online as well.

 Anyway, those are just a few random annoyances I’ve been thinking about with Facebook. 


Perfect Storm of Geekdom…

This has been a great week of “build up” events for me.

It started off with Comic Con and the roll out of the new LOST ARG – The Dharma Initiative. I spent a fair amount of time bouncing around some fan sites looking for information from Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. For more info on the LOST panel, click here.

Right on the heels of was the start of NFL training camp. My beloved Jags are tagged by many to have a great season. There will officially be no reference to the Super Bowl from me. I love my team, but I’m taking a wait and see approach. It just geeked me to no end to see the Teal and Black back on the field.

Introducing UnderstandingTV.com…

I’m happy to announce the soft launch of UnderstandingTV.com.   You will be able to watch the latest episodes of Understanding with Michael and Connie Smith on demand as well as archived messages. 

More information is available here.

Essential Relationships for Worship Leaders – Media/Tech Director

Continuing thoughts on key relationships for worship leaders…

One of the best friends a worship leader can have is Media/Tech Director. Anyone who has ever grabbed a microphone understands that they have little control over the sound. The guy on the sound board at the front of house can have a huge impact.

My media director and I have fought for, and throughout, our friendship.  We have locked horns on numerous occasions, but always for the goal of reaching the best answer.  Through all of this, we have a relationship that is incredibly fruitful.  You can check out more from him here.

Below are a few ideas to tips for working with your media director. Once again, I am writing strictly from a worship leaders point of view. And, as always, I welcome a media directors perspective.

  • Remember the first commandment of worship leading – “Don’t be a DIVA!” 

The fastest way to erode trust and confidence, with the congregation and your team, is to have an over-developed sense of self importance.  It is a mark of an immature leader to believe higher of themselves than they should.  Anyone who has had the honor of leading others in worship of God understands how humbling it can be. 

Inspect your interactions with the media team.  Watch your tone and manner of speaking.  I would often find myself succumbing to pre-service pressure and snipping in frustration. I had to deal with the source of the pressure (which wasn’t God, btw) and change the way I interacted. 

Be sensitive to condescension. 

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate

Previously, I wrote about the need to create and utilize open paths of communication with the Senior Pastor.  Multiply that by ten for the media director.

They should be included in your service preparation plans and kept abreast of any upcoming changes of team personnel.  I know that sounds incredibly basic, but I have seen more than one occasion where the media team is making like Engineering on the Starship Enterprise trying to get things wired before the start of a service.  Tap that well too many times and she’ll explode, captain…

Also, your media director can be a very valuable resource.  It is easy to get stuck on your side of the microphone and finding someone who can honestly say how things sound and are coming across is a great help.   My director is someone I trust to see what is happening across my whole team and give me feedback, positive and negative, regarding the worship team’s performance.  And in turn, he understands how to offer such feedback without being overly skewed positive or negative.

  • Learn to speak the language.

Right brain vs. Left brain.  Creative vs. Logic.  Often the media and worship teams can find themselves split amongst these camps.  And sharing ideas between them is as easy as one side speaking German and the other speaking Chinese.  It’s not.

Invest the time to understand and speak knowledgeably.  And don’t expect them to be able to read tea leaves when you describe things in emotional or descriptive terms. 

Sometimes it’s as simple as asking.  Allow your media team to share their world with you.  You might even want to walk in their shoes for a service or two to see what it’s like.

  • Demonstrate respect through actions.

Make good use of their time.  Make sure that you are going to be where you say you are going to be when you say you are going to be. 

I know it is cliched but a failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on theirs. 

Be mindful of the behind-the-scenes efforts that are going on to allow you to minister effectively.

Those are a few quick hit tips to improve your interactions and relationships with your media director and teams.  Got anymore?  I’d love to hear them.

A Day in the Life

Tweet, tweet…

  • 08:16 Okay… I must have missed something… why are my follow numbers all jacked? #
  • 08:30 trying to find everyone I was following… before I suddenly wasn’t anymore… #
  • 09:44 Switched to twitterberry on my phone… Much easier to manage this way… #

A Day in the Life

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  • 07:26 Hoping to make some progress today… Starting to get a little stir crazy w/out laptop… #
  • 15:50 Working on the folks’ computer… Pray for us… #