Facebook pet peeves…

Below are some of my completely random Facebook user pet peeves… 


  1. Application invitations sent only so the person who sent it can find out what weapon/color/food/American accent/etc. they are.  Thank you for doing the spammers job for them.  No, I am not interested.
  2. People who use titles in their screen name.  I can understand how on Myspace or Twitter or other places where unique names are required that a simply “Pastor” or “Rev” can help you stand out.  But not on Facebook.  Use the name your mama gave you and keep it simple.
  3. Facebook chat.  Just because I am online doesn’t mean I want to chat.  Please take my one word answers as a clue.  Especially if I you and I have never met face to face. 
  4. Receiving the same video of a dancing kid from 8 different people.  I appreciate your desire to share that with me.  Just as I did the first 7 times someone shared it. 

Seems like there is no halfway point with some of this stuff.  You either get a firehouse or you get nothing.

I look forward to the day when social web relationships can take on a truly more realistic reflection of my friendships.  Some people have greater access to me and my thoughts than others.  It would be great to see that online as well.

 Anyway, those are just a few random annoyances I’ve been thinking about with Facebook. 



One Response

  1. All 4 of those highly annoy me on FaceBook. One of the other annoying thing with FaceBook is the people that work/go to school with you and friend you. I have plenty of friends on FaceBook that, yes, go to the same school as me, but that I haven’t ever physically met before. I consider Twitter to be more for that, rather than FaceBook.


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