Brett Favre and the Body of Christ

So, what happens when a guaranteed Hall of Fame quarterback decides to call it a career? 

Well, we hold press conferences where tough guys cry.  We heap praise on them and begin to talk about their accomplishments in reverential tones. 

Then we move on…

But, what happens when he decides to come back?  You get the Packers vs. Brett Favre.

The angles to the story are nothing new.  Management vs. Player.  Enduring hero vs. Age.  Established vs. Next. 

But to me the biggest story, and the most applicable, is individual vs. team.

It makes sense in today’s celebrity driven world.  Somewhere along the way, Brett Favre became bigger than the team he played for.  And that’s where things breakdown. 

I believe the same thing is possible within the church. 

Being one body implies everyone working together to accomplish mutual goals and benefit the whole. 

We must be diligent to guard against crowning or being crowned.


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