Planning on hating the Olympics…

I’ll be honest…  Ever since NBC began running almost non-stop promotions for the upcoming Olympics, I have grown more and more ready to boycott them entirely.  I had plenty of reasons.  The faux sense of harmony and peace that mask nationalistic pride.  Everything being measured in the metric system.  China with its civil rights abuses and continued persecution of the Church.  Various activities and games masquerading as sport.  (C’mon, we all know that lil girls twirling ribbon is not a sport…)

And yet, just four days removed from their official launch, I’ve been hooked.  What changed my mind?  Here’s just a few…

  • Opening Ceremonies – The sheer scope of pulling off that many complicated displays with that many people is simply amazing!  2008 drummers rocked my socks!  Come on! 
  • Trash talking – Thank God for the French!  (May be the first time I’ve ever said that…)  Their snide comments helped provide some fuel for a sport(?) that doesn’t always have riveting story lines.  But I will remember that final 50m for a long, long time.


  • The Internet – It was the undoing for NBC during the Sydney Olympics.  What drama is there in watching a tape delayed sporting event when I could have found out the results 8 hours earlier online?  However, NBC’s use of the internet for these games seems largely to be uncommented on.  They have taken the very thing that was a thorn in the side prior and have been able to use it to bring the games in real time to the entire world.  In addition, you can find all of the highlights for the various sports.   

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