Christians and Politics

November cannot come soon enough.  The incessant commercials and talking heads are running continuously on TV.  Promises of change flood the airwaves on both sides.  But what has really pushed me over the edge? Christian folks.  

There are a lot of normally well adjusted, very gifted people who have a lot to offer others who seem to have been caught up in a vortex of political maneuverings and intrigue.  And they exist on both sides of the aisle. 

It is apparently en vogue for young evangelical believers to bemoan the current state of global affairs as the fruit of the current administration.  it seems an entire generation has discovered a new vocabulary with key words such as “social justice”, “change”, “environmentally aware”, etc.  

On the other side is the usual assortment of Christians who do not seem to understand that they are no longer king-makers.  Combine highly public moral failings and drastic missteps and misleadings from an administration that they were instrumental in putting into office and you get cultural irrelevance.  We need to understand that when our support of a candidate is used as ammunition against that candidate we risk alienating a large segment of the population in the hopes of gaining some political ground.  It’s just not worth it.

I am not saying believers should not be politically aware.  Research the candidates and make an informed decision.  

What does bother me is the tone that we have allowed to creep into our own dialogue.  It is contrary to the nature of love for believers to believe and hope for the worst in a person.  

Neither of these candidates, with their pluses and minuses, are going to redeem this nation.   

Let’s do our duty as citizens but not at the expense of character and compassion.


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