Church Tech Camp

I had a chance to pop in and join the discussions at the first Church Tech Camp in LA yesterday.

So what is Church Tech Camp? From the website…

#churchtechcamp is a localized unconference for people of faith to gather and share their own best practices and “in the field” insights. More simply put – it is a place where we all are the expert, everyone has something to share, and we all have valuable experiences we can learn from.

It was great to see so many folks I’ve come to know online (okay, maybe more like stalk online) gathered in one place.  And sharing collective wisdom and insights helps everyone become better. You can find additional thoughts from these great folks:

Tony Steward:

Robert Yang:

Rich Kirkpatrick:

Cynthia Ware:

Matt Singley:

Even better, if you weren’t able to take part, you can still catch the conversations by clicking here.  It’s well worth the time, so make sure to visit when you get the chance.

P.S.  I would love to connect to others in the North Florida/South Georgia area who might be interested in getting together for something similar.  If you would like to take part, you can email me.  Look forward to it!


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