A Day in the Life

Tweet, tweet…

  • 07:58 Okay, I’ll admit it… Didn’t watch most of the debate… But was seriously put off by Obama continually referring to McCain as "John"… #
  • 08:08 by some fluke I am up and showered and ready to go before 9 AM on a Saturday AM… #
  • 09:07 Paul Newman was the epitome of "cool" his entire life… #
  • 20:32 power was suddenly off… Good excuse to go out to eat… But at least I had gas… For the car, not because of dinner… #
  • 20:35 USC, Florida, and now Georgia? Looks like my Sooners will be the new #1… #
  • 22:16 with all of the football on I end up watching NOVA… Love me some NOVA… #
  • 22:32 SNL killing Palin right now…. #
  • 22:38 There should be some significant campaign contributions from the SNL cast to McCain… #
  • 22:50 YES!!! McCain vs. Obama pie eating in my town of J-ville! C’mon blueberry! #

One Response

  1. Bubba…can I still call you Bubba? Looking forward to talking to you this coming week….definitely a God thing that we hooked up!

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