It’s not the tools…

I love Norm Abram.  You know.  The guy from PBS.  Yeah, “This Old House” and “New Yankee Workshop”.

The guy is like a magician to me.  Most weekends I will get caught watching Norm talk his mysterious woodworking language, setting his table saw, and ripping through word with a silent confidence.

And, you know, when he’s done, he’ll have a beautiful piece of furniture or accomplished some great renovation.  It’s all very magical.

After every show, there is this little voice that says,”Well, if you had the right tools, you could produce results like that too!”. But deep down I know, it’s not the tools.

The tools are neutral.  It’s the vision and giftedness of the user that creates the end product.

Often, people hope to solve a problem (or expand a business, or achieve some other result) by acquiring new tools.

The real answer lies with Norm.  Find the person with the vision and the giftedness and see what they can do with the tools you already have.

Think about it.

While products and tools change, the only consistent thing has ever been Norm.


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  1. John,
    That was very profound. I enjoyed reading it. Talk to you soon.


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