200 Post Celebration and Retrospective…

Who’d’ve guessed when I sat down a little over seven months ago to put down some thoughts that we would be here today?  Okay, maybe that’s overstating it a bit.

I recently heard that most folks last only a month or two blogging before hitting the wall.  The blogosphere is littered with abandoned links that were to be the fertile breeding ground of great ideas.  

So, humor me, as I take a minute to celebrate breaking the 200 post barrier.

Here’s a couple fun stats…

First Post:  “The Mask of Busy” – Feb 25, 2008

Most Popular Post: “New Hillsong Album – ‘This is Our God'” – July 2, 2008

Most Popular Series: “Essential Relationships for Worship Leaders”

Busiest Day: July 14, 2008

Total Views:  1,942

So, the stats may be a little modest compared to some, but seven months later the blog still has life!  

I have relished the opportunity to vet some ideas and process through some of the things that I believe God has been speaking to me.  In the process, I have found a number of people with similar experiences and passions.  Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the exchange!

Let’s keep the conversation going!  I’m looking forward to what the next 200 posts have to bring!


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