A Day in the Life

Tweet, tweet…

  • 08:21 watching my bride show lil girl how to apply her Disney Princess makeup before she goes to school… #
  • 08:40 twitpic.com/mbro – BTW, here’s the lil girl’s first attempt to put makeup on by herself… #
  • 13:08 That scent you are smelling? it is desperation and it’s coming from me! #
  • 14:09 just saw trailer 2 for upcoming Star Trek movie… um, YEAH! #
  • 14:41 trying to translate my church staff functions and responsibilities into real world skills in attempt to find new job… #
  • 15:28 anybody want to be a hero? #
  • 15:40 i have either been very proactive or have made a huge mistake… #
  • 17:47 #1 son said he was finishing his homework on karaoke… Better known as the Cherokee… #
  • 20:23 getting kids to bed and hunkering down for the evening… #
  • 22:56 night tweets… it’s been quite a day… #

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