What are you waiting for?

Woke up with this question bouncing around my head this morning…

What are you waiting for?

As I was coming up in church there was always a sense that we were waiting on God to bring revival or to do something stupendous to that would be like flicking the first spiritual domino in a long chain of dominoes. Always hoping that we would be able to say “I was there!” when whatever hocus-pocus took place.

It was something that we all hoped for, but I’m not sure we really expected. Like Santa, the Easter Bunny, or Keiser Soze… But we continued to march in place wishing for it to come.

But that leads to the real thought I’ve been pondering…

We’ve never had to “wait for God” on things. It’s always been us. God has never held us back from advancing the kingdom or moving forward. It’s always been us, slouching towards greatness, but too afraid or weak to really try.

I don’t believe there has every been a time where we’ve been so pure and put together that we are simply at the starting gate waiting for God to arrive.

I believe God has great dreams for us and this world. But, let’s not naively think, that He is just biding His time. We are not waiting for the great “end-time revival”. We ARE the great “end-time revival”.


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