A Day in the Life

Tweet, tweet…

  • 08:09 being in EST means missing out on a lot of tweet convos due to time differences… or I could just stop sleeping… #
  • 10:00 ultrasound place has personalized waiting room sign… great low cost touch that requires no personnel but is very effective… #
  • 10:33 getting to see newest member of the family @ 4D ultrasound… AMAZING! pics to come… #
  • 11:20 reading in Proverbs 1 "Carelessness kills; complacency is murder." WOW!!! #
  • 11:55 Facebook mobile app for Blackberry is really lacking… focuses more on just me and less on community… #
  • 15:14 twitpic.com/z12s Introducing the newest member of the Darnell gang… now to figure out her name… #
  • 15:17 Mac fans from all over piling on earlier comment about Blackberry Facebook app… anyone feel like "convincing" me of iPhone supremacy? #
  • 16:18 one of the best parts of college bowl season is getting to see the marching bands… #
  • 18:13 just saying, the new season of 24 looks pretty great… Jack Bauer is awesome! #
  • 21:06 think I may have a slight font addiction… #

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