I hate the “Facebook Maybe”…

Chances are you’ve probably received one. More than likely you’ve given one. I’m talking about the “Facebook Maybe”.

It all starts out so simply. You receive an event request. You look at it and realize that you would like to support the person or cause hosting the event. But you also know that you are not going to attend.

You have 3 choices. Select “Yes” and not show and hope they never bring it up. Select “No” and hope they don’t take it personally. Or a third option. The ultimate choice for commitment-phobes – “Maybe”.

I only realized how much I’ve relied on the “Maybe” when responding. “Maybe” I’ll be at your midweek Bible Study in Pennsylvania. Maybe. Except for the fact that I live in Jacksonville, FL and will not be purposefully planning on attending. BUT if I were to find myself suddenly transported there, I might choose to attend your gathering.

“Maybe” I’ll show up for the event for the group that I’m not even really a part of. Maybe. But I don’t really expect to suddenly change my plans at the last minute to intentionally surround myself with a bunch of people that I don’t really know. But I might.

Starting to see the value of my “yes” being a “yes” and my “no” being a “no”.

Don’t fall into the easy trap of answering “Maybe”. If you are truly unsure, wait until you have an answer then respond. If you must decline, then acknowledge it, but also leave an encouraging note to indicate your support.

P.S. This is directed at no one in particular other than myself. Trying to improve on some bad social networking habits…


2 Responses

  1. Yeah its a good post, its part of our culture, we’re too polite in the wrong places, and then show no manners when we should. Most of us have learnt that the best way to deal with any problem is to avoid it, unfortunately following this approach means our integrity usually goes out the window.

    Recently I’ve been looking at houses to buy, some houses we look at I’m pretty sure within 5 minutes I won’t be buying this house, do I say – ok thanks for your time, not interested, bye. No for some stupid reason, I end up doing the whole tour, wishing it was over, trying to hurry the agent up without seeming rude, Eventually I get in my car bursting from relief. Its just my initial reponse is not really socially acceptable anymore, in this overly polite generation.

  2. you channel my thoughts exactly.

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