A Day in the Life

Tweet, tweet…

  • 08:15 love that I get to spend that last little minute with the kids before they head to school… #
  • 09:33 insane in the membrane… #
  • 12:24 sitting at the DMV… normally a chore but I’m so grateful to be here… #
  • 13:35 lunch with my ladies… #
  • 19:51 been running like crazy all day… what did I miss? #
  • 21:42 Building up meaningful connections easily with MrTweet, my personal networking assistant. See how he can help u too! mrtweet.net?v=11 #
  • 21:51 actually looking for people to ADD to those I follow rather than cut… weird… #
  • 21:55 okay, that’s quite enough adding for one night… and If I did just add you, why don’t you return the favor? #
  • 21:56 Suddenly, Gwen Stefani is stuck in my head singing "I ain’t no Follow Back Girl, I ain’t no Follow Back." #
  • 22:12 so I have managed to drop references to both Cypress Hill and Gwen Stefani today… Add in yday’s Rihanna comment and I’m tragically hip… #
  • 23:06 . #

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