“He’d be such a GREAT Christian”

I’ve heard it over and over as long as I’ve been in the church. 

“Man, could you imagine what would happen if <> became a Christian.  They have so much influence and don’t you know that the youths really listen to them.”

I’ve always hated that line of thinking.

One, because it’s an absolute lie.  We make the failed assumption that their influence is inherent within them.  But we know that’s not true.  Influence remains only as long as contemporary culture says they are relevant. And relevance is measured by the ability to cater to particular appetites.  Those are surrendered rather quickly once someone identifies publicly with Jesus.

It seems we’ve convinced ourselves that the reason that the world doesn’t love our videos, and movies, and music, and books is because of our production values.  If we could only be slicker, sharper, edgier, whatever they would give us their undivided attention. 

The truth is our culture only celebrates and gives attention to those things that feed their desires.  In a world carnally driven, the Spirit is not a hot commodity.

The other reason is because it’s a cop out.  The subtle undertone to this train of thought is that we are waiting for someone to show up and make a difference.  We need someone to take the reins and reach the world. 

We all to ready to wait for a white knight to ride to the rescue than we are to be the white knight ourselves. 

We’ve resigned ourselves to the thinking that programs, events, special services and meetings will make the difference in the world of those around us.

Imagine what could happen if we became great Christians…


Brett Favre and the Body of Christ

So, what happens when a guaranteed Hall of Fame quarterback decides to call it a career? 

Well, we hold press conferences where tough guys cry.  We heap praise on them and begin to talk about their accomplishments in reverential tones. 

Then we move on…

But, what happens when he decides to come back?  You get the Packers vs. Brett Favre.

The angles to the story are nothing new.  Management vs. Player.  Enduring hero vs. Age.  Established vs. Next. 

But to me the biggest story, and the most applicable, is individual vs. team.

It makes sense in today’s celebrity driven world.  Somewhere along the way, Brett Favre became bigger than the team he played for.  And that’s where things breakdown. 

I believe the same thing is possible within the church. 

Being one body implies everyone working together to accomplish mutual goals and benefit the whole. 

We must be diligent to guard against crowning or being crowned.