My name is John Darnell.  I reside in Jacksonville, FL with my lovely bride, three remarkable kids, and one amazingly low key dog.

I was sorta raised in church, but really began my walk with God at 15.  Almost twenty years later, I can say it’s been quite a ride.  Along the way, I have been a part of a wide variety of communities.  Small and Mega.  Mainline and Charismatic.  Traditional and Contemporary.  And in each place, regardless of tradition, culture, or demographics, I’ve seen people who are committed to loving God and loving others.

In my various past “church lives”, I’ve been a worship leader, children’s minister, youth pastor and just about everything in between.  Most recently, I had the privilege of serving on staff at THE CHURCH of Jacksonville where I was responsible for the different ministry departments, volunteers, and classes.  Additionally, I oversaw the development and implementation of their first alternative video venue, THE Rhema Cafe, and the internet campus, I-CHURCH.

In 2009, Stacy and I launched Vivid Church in Jacksonville, FL. Our passion is encouraging people in their pursuit of God. We currently conduct services in Orange Park and in the Beaches/ICW areas of Jacksonville. We look forward to impacting our communities through the demonstrated love of Christ.

I am an entrepreneur at heart and love getting things going.  Through our one-stop consulting firm for business and ministries, we provide organizations with resources and solutions that allow them to turn their vision into reality. If you would like more information about how I can be of service to you, please contact me directly via email.

You can find me via the link above, friend me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter.


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  2. John,
    I just wanted to touch base with you on Arena and make sure you aware of us. Shelby Systems has found that larger churches have different needs and managing those needs is how Arena can help. For a staff member, Arena is extremely easy to navigate through. If you would like to see some new features of our product click here., if you want to see some amazing research that was documented before a church starting using us, check out this Blog.

    As you know it isn’t uncommon for a church to use many different software applications. Using Arena can help in these economic times because it can allow every staff member/department/and even members to be on the same page and work out of the a same software. Have you guys heard about us? If you would like to see a demo let me know.
    Thanks so much

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