A Day in the Life

Tweet, tweet…

  • 09:50 Reading Luke 6 w/ the kids… Jesus speaks in such a way that my kids can understand it… #
  • 12:17 song stuck in my head – "Portobello Road" from Bedknobs and Broomsticks
    Traguna Merkoites Tracorum Saetis De #
  • 14:27 working on proposal for outreach churches… #
  • 16:27 listening to Tool (Lateralus rocks!)… One last big push to the weekend! #
  • 18:14 We are in the waining hours of the churchwide fast. It’s been a tremendous 40 days. Ice cream shops everywhere wait in fear. #

Advice from Micah… on being in meetings and talking to people


“Some times when you talk a lot, it’s boring…”

A Day in the Life

Tweet, tweet…

  • 06:54 Reading Luke 5 with the kids… Some people will go to great lengths to connect others with Jesus… #
  • 09:33 morning soundtrack – Holy – Vineyard UK #
  • 13:49 preparing to think great big thoughts… #
  • 14:45 the big conversation of the day is the presidential campaign…. #
  • 17:39 meeting on the 7 churches… Love working on ministry expansion! #

Opposite of fandom…

So not everyone will be for you or on your side…  In those cases, it helps to have a sense of humor.

A Day in the Life

Tweet, tweet…

  • 09:25 Reading Luke ch. 3 & 4 w/ the kids… #
  • 09:53 Listening to the LOST Podcast with Jay & Jack. Love those guys! #
  • 11:54 Just realized that the song stuck in my head is the theme from Pokemon:Advanced Battle. Gotta love having kids… #
  • 15:22 Afternoon soundtrack – White Stripes – Icky Thump! #
  • 21:05 Just wrapping up I-CHURCH for tonight… Still amazes me how many people are uniting online for the Word of God! #

Starbucks 2.0

Much has been made of Starbucks move to close all of their US stores yesterday.  Here’s a few of my random thoughts…

  • First off, I think it was brilliant and bold.  (BTW, that sounds like a soap opera featuring MIT students…)  A simple and effective way to make a statement and generate buzz.  On one hand, you could develop a set of guidelines and standards from the corporate level and work internally to retrain your staff.  Once that was in place, you would then have to begin marketing the changes and trying to regain those who may have left you.  OR make it public and let it be treated as “news”.   Chances are there has been more conversation about Starbucks in the last two days than in a long time.
  • Standard.  Once you begin allowing compromise to creep into your standards, you begin losing what it is that makes you unique.  You cannot be over zealous enough in upholding your standards.  This move states that they are working to eliminate chinks in their corporate armor.
  • Put your team on the stage.  The new initiative from Starbucks means that there is now expectation on the part of the newly trained baristas.  Yes.  The next time my Venti White Mocha is watery I will ask for a new one.  But I like knowing that they have initiated the exchange by making me a promise.  We must invest in your people properly then put them in a place to perform.  If we want to truly be the best, we must be able to acknowledge and quickly correct things that aren’t up to standard.  And trust in our teams ability to produce better results. 
  • Make that change.  Acknowledging the need to take the steps necessary for change is vital to the viability of any organization.  However, too often, we are simply content to let mistakes, missteps, or ideas that have run their course continue.  It is like slowly bleeding the air from your tires.  You know something isn’t quite right, but it is gradual enough that you don’t notice until there is a blowout.  There are vast differences between caretakers and leaders.  If we want to lead, we must provide the necessary direction and energy to affect change.  This may mean cutting off a slowly dying program that has ceased to be fruitful.  It may mean streamlining product offerings.  It may mean eliminating a church service that you’ve always had and only keep out of tradition.  It could be launching something you’ve never seen anywhere else.  Whatever it is, in the words of the King of Pop, we have to make that change.

Those are some of my thoughts.  I’d love to hear yours. 

Can you identify standards that have become compromised?  Have you trained your team to the level you think they need to be at to really shine?  Would you be willing to shut down your operation to make these things happen?

Fans pt.2

We have all grown increasingly skeptical of mass marketing and big budget ad campaigns.  Whatever trust existed has been eroded by time after time of over-promising and under-delivering. 

Fans can produce results that organizations only wish they could purchase. 

Because they believe in the organization, product or idea and have nothing to gain, fans are more believable and credible.  And in an age of YouTube and social media, impact is not limited to co-workers and friends.  One voice can quickly reach multitudes of like-minded individuals.

And the bonus:  it costs nothing to you!

Check out this great example from the recent campaigns.  (Don’t read into it.  No political message here….)  In less than one month, the video has already been viewed over 5,000,000 times.  This doesn’t count the numerous mentions from other sites and broadcast news.   That kind of exposure is invaluable.

Now, your fans might not be members of a well known musical act, but they do have the same global forum for expressing themselves.  The challenge is to let them.  Without putting your hands on it.